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Explanation of Package Query
Relevant shipping information ensures that the recipients can track the status of its package and receive it on time, this will help us avoid unnecessary problems. The following information are some of the related shipping information that mainly focuses on: Shipping address , packaging the item , claim , shipping and delivery time , restricted items , customs declaration , tax , the importance of a package and size restrictions .
Recipient personal information and address
  • - The full name and detailed address of the recipient:If the address is handwritten, please try to use capital letters. If possible type out the letters.
  • - Ensure that the handwriting is neat, clear and the address description is accurate.
  • - Enter the returning address information in case of returning the goods.
  • - Enter a zip code [required].
  • - Enter the contact number of the recipient to avoid package delivery delay, in case of customs clearance, tax issues (especially for the registered shipping method), E-mail and EMS and other international shipping method.
  • - Please pay attention to the format of the address for different countries: The post code for UK and Netherlands will include letters and numbers. Each country will use a house number or block street number to set up arrangement rules. In order to ensure that your package will be delivered accurately, please use the specific format followed by each country.
Packing tips
  • In order to ensure that your package is not damaged during transportation, please select durable packing material for all the items. During the process of shipping, the package will be transferred several times, as well as, it will be opened by customs, sorted and, packaged by shipping carrier. Therefore, the package will be sort out according to the type of product or characteristic of the item. To avoid damage during the transportation read the following instructions:
  • - Box-Sealing Tape: Reinforced adhesive tape or type of box-sealing tape (width about 50MM) to wrap around the bottom and top of the box (into shape 'H'). Do not use ordinary household adhesive tape. The viscosity and width are not in accordance with the mailing packaging requirements.
  • - Outer box: Use reinforced paper products. If the items are heavy, please use double-layer for both inner and outer packaging.
  • A compensation is available when the package is lost or damaged during the process of transportation. The terms and conditions of compensation are based on the shipping method and certain circumstances. All UPU member states must comply with the UPU's compensation terms. Before asking for a compensation, you must fill out the compensation form. The application form can be obtained at the post counter, as well as a receipt or any related documents must be provided along with relevant proof. This is an important step for registering and processing compensations. In general, a compensation is available in case the package was lost or not delivered more than 1 month. The claim form must be completed and signed. Usually in such cases, the post office will offer a compensation within 6 months after having the result of the investigation.
Shipping and delivery time
  • Whether the tracking information depends on the carrier's official website, '1Tracking' will not affect the delivery time or participate in any delivery service. According to our past experience, it will take the package 2-4 weeks to arrive for most of the international registered shipping methods (the delivery time depends on the address, whether it is near the city or countryside, and the level of development of the national logistics industry etc.). The delivery time is 1-3 weeks for EMS express shipping method. The delivery time highly depends on the custom’s operational procedures in the destination country and whether the local delivery is efficient or not.
The weight and size restrictions
  • Please contact your shipping carrier or post office about weight and size before shipment. The weight and size must comply with the UPU standards and exceptionally some countries will impose weight restrictions. Three shipping methods are available to ensure that the package is delivered accurately to the recipient:
  • - Registered shipping method (weight limit 2 kg or below)
  • - Postal shipping method (generally above 2 kg)
  • - EMS express or other commercial express shipping method