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Explanation of Package Query
The status of a package identifies the state of a package during the shipping process.7 statuses are available on '1Tracking': Not found、In transit、Pick up、Undelivered、Delivered、Alert、Expired.
The package status is tracked automatically by the system based on the tracking number, which is only for your reference.. Please feel to free to share with us your opinion. We will always continue improving our tracking system.
Not found
  • 'Not found' status means that '1Tracking' was unable to find tracking information due to one of the following reason:
  • - The Waybill number/ Tracking number is wrong or invalid.
  • - The Waybill number / Tracking number you entered is invalid or has expired, or tracking information is invalid on the official website.
  • - The shipping carrier or logistics company could not be identified based on the tracking number, or there’s a conflict of rules for this tracking number.
  • - The logistics company did not yet scan the details of your package.
  • Due to the reasons mentioned above, we kindly suggest you try to contact your shipping carrier or your seller to confirm the tracking number of your package, as well as its shipping status.
In transit
  • 'In transit' status means that the package is still in transit, which is normal during shipping, and it may include the following situations:
  • - Your package has been handed over to the logistics carrier and has been scanned online.
  • - Your package has been sealed or shipped to the destination country.
  • - Your package has arrived at the customs of your destination country and is under investigation.
  • - Your package has been cleared by customs and is being sent to the destination address in your country.
  • - Other shipping situations, including the transit in third party countries.
  • In above mentioned situations, the transfer process of a package is considered to be normal and is on its way to the destination address. We kindly recommend you to check the tracking information. In case the package has arrived at the destination country, please contact your logistics carrier in order to find out the exact time of the delivery.
Pick up
  • 'Pick up'(Arrived but waiting to be picked up) status means that the package has arrived at the destination country. Customer can pick up the package or wait for the shipping carrier to deliver it to him. In this case, we kindly recommend you to contact your local shipping carrier to get more information about your package and the exact delivery time, or to arrange a pick-up date. Please also make sure to collect your package within a certain period of time, otherwise it will be automatically returned to the sender once a specific deadline is over.
  • 'Undelivered' status means that the package was initially scheduled for delivery, but the process failed for certain reasons including the following:The recipient was not at home, refused to pay tax, unreachable, the recipient’s address could not be found, the recipient refused to collect the package or the destination is too far from city. In this case, we kindly recommend that you contact your local shipping carrier or seller to handle this situation. Please pay attention to the deadline for each shipping method, the package will be automatically returned to sender in case the deadline is exceeded.
  • 'Delivered' status means that the package has been delivered to the recipient, however, the postman can put the package into the mailbox, leave it in front of the door, or at a neighbor’s house. Please try to find your package first, or contact your shipping carrier or seller if you were unable to find it. They will then confirm whether the package was sent to the wrong address or if it was lost.
  • The 'Alert'status means that the tracking status of the package is in an abnormal state, and the reasons for this issue are mainly the following: Customer refused to pay tax, customs clearance issues, contraband, package lost or damaged, wrong shipping address, unreachable recipient, customer refused to collect the package, or the package was returned back to its sender. When similar issues happen, we recommend you to contact your local shipping carrier or seller to confirm the status of your package.
  • 'Returned' indicates that your parcel has been arranged by the post office of the destination country to the sending country, or has been returned by the customs arrangement due to abnormal customs clearance. Please contact your local logistics carrier after checking the reasons or details of the package return,and verify if the package can be re-sent back to receiver.
  • - The situation of being returned due to incorrect address, incomplete address, inability to contact customers, etc.
  • - The situation of being returned due to refusal to pay tariff, prohibited items and other customs irregularities.
  • - Automatic return due to overdue such as “Undelivered” or “Pick up”status to take the package on time.
  • - The recipient was refused to accept the package because of damage, inconsistent size, and the seller sent the wrong goods, and was returned.