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If you want to suggest some new features, report some technical errors, broken links and other optimization measures, or seek business cooperation such as advertising, 1Tracking API technology, New Logistics Docking,please contact us through the following ways!

Package Status

The status of a package identifies the state of a package during the shipping process.7 statuses are available on '1Tracking': Not found、In transit、Pick up、Undelivered、Delivered、Alert、Expired.
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Tracking Status

'Tracking status'refers to the status of your package at the shipping carrier (postal transporters, international express or other shipping carrier) after submitting it on '1Tracking'. Tracking history and relevant information will then be displayed on the website. The'1Tracking' trajectory display is divided into 3 parts:First vessel track、origin track、destination track.
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Shipping Information

Relevant shipping information ensures that the recipients can track the status of its package and receive it on time, this will help us avoid unnecessary problems. The following information are some of the related shipping information that mainly focuses on: Shipping address , packaging the item , claim , shipping and delivery time , restricted items , customs declaration , tax , the importance of a package and size restrictions .
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