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Instruction Manual

Instruction to input tracking number

  • A. Enter the tracking number

    Add one tracking number (a combination of letters or digits only) per line. You can add up to 20 tracking numbers each time.

  • B. Delete a single line input

    Clear one single line input of the input box.

  • C. Delete all input

    Clear all content of the input box.

  • D. Select a carrier

    Normally, the system will automatically identify the shipping carrier, country of origin/destination. Designating the carrier manually is unnecessary. If there are multiple possible carriers or the system cannot identify the carrier, please choose the shipping carrier manually.

  • E. Track the number

    Enter a valid tracking number, and click the “Search” button. The tracking result retrieved from the carrier’s official website will be presented to you directly.

Instruction to view tracking result

  • A. Multiple number overview

    For multiple tracking numbers, the system will automatically classify them and count the quantities according to the package status. By clicking a status icon, you can know all related packages.

  • B. Package status

    The system will show auto-judged package status, according to the retrieval of detailed tracking information from the carrier.

  • C. Country of origin and country of destination(Carrier)

    Generally, the system will automatically identify the country of origin and destination. You do not need to designate them manually. The system will track according to your settings. You can also visit the carrier’s official website to learn more about problems related to shipping or delivery. If there are multiple possible carriers or the system cannot identify the carrier, please designate the shipping carrier manually.

  • D. Expand and collapse the details of each tracking number

    For single tracking, the system will show the details by default. For multiple tracking, the system will hide the tracking details by default. You can expand one by one or in bulk to view all tracking details.

  • E. Track Translation & E-mail Subscriptions

    Track Translation -You can translate the track into your own language. E-mail subscriptions-1Tracking will send an email to you when the parcel's status changes.

  • F. Copy result and link

    You can copy the result and the link to share with others and facilitate viewing the tracking information.

Select the carrier

  • A. Search for carrier

    Enter the carrier’s name that you need to search manually. Then, select carriers based on the search results.

  • B. Carrier category

    The system divides carriers into three categories, including global postal services, international express couriers and eCommerce carriers in China.